Department of Mathematics

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

Ph.D Mathematics

Research Areas for Our Ph.D. Programmes
To be eligible for admission into Ph. D. degree Programme, a candidate must have obtained M. Sc. Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics with a research thesis component (not project) or its equivalent from a recognized university. Candidates with a CGPA score of less than 3.0 are not eligible for PhD admission. Where a PhD applicant is judged to be deficient or has a professional master’s degree, he/she may be considered for an M. Phil admission. Applicants who earn a minimum CGPA of 3.5 at the end of the M. Phil. programme shall automatically proceed with the PhD programme.

Duration of the programmes
The duration of Ph.D. Computer Science, Ph.D. Mathematics and Ph.D. Statistics programmes is three years for a full time student and five years for a part time student.

Ph.D. Mathematics:
1. Quantum Mechanics
2. Numerical Analysis
3. Operator Algebras
4. Computational Fluid Dynamics
5. Logic/Set Theory/Multiset Theory
6. Operations Research / Mathematical Programming
7. Semigroup Theory
8. Group Representations Theory
9. Analytical Dynamics
10. Magneto hydrodynamics
11. Heat and Mass Transfer
12. Stability
13. Differential Equation
14. Rhotrix Algebra