Motto: 'Critical Thoughts for Critical Minds'

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HOD's Welcome Message

You are welcome to the Department of Mathematics, one of the founding Departments of Ahmadu Bello University. The Department was established in 1962, the same year the University was established. It is one of the biggest Departments of the University as it offers three different undergraduate Programmes viz: BSc (Hons) Computer Science, BSc (Hons) Mathematics and BSc (Hons) Statistics. We also offer MSc and PhD Programmes in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics.  Moreover, we have Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in both Computer Science and Statistics.  We also service almost all Departments of the University.

Our academic staff are from various fields of specializations and apart from those on the ground, we have many of them who are visiting lecturers coming from various Universities in Nigeria.  From time to time also, we get staff on Sabbatical or those coming to stay with us shortly, from various Universities in the world. You can see clearly therefore, that our Department is a very busy Department and you will surely enjoy the busy academic life of the Department.

Our students are drawn from all over Nigeria and we also have very many students from West African Countries and some students from other countries in the World.  We have a very rich seminar session in the Department every Wednesday where Postgraduate students and other staff of the Department showcase their research contributions.  The Seminar session makes the Department very lively in academic activities and I urge all of you to participate fully in all such academic activities. Every undergraduate student has his/her level coordinator and the Postgraduate students have the Postgraduate coordinator or his assistants who guide them on all matters regarding their academic Programmes.

Finally, I invite all of you to explore more on the academic and other activities in the Department and feel free to contact any of your coordinators or the Head of Department whenever the need arises, and I wish all of you the best.

Professor A. A. Tijjani
Head of Department

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to be recognized internationally for excellence in research and teaching, and nationally for high-quality service so as to be a world class Department comparable to any other Department.

    Our Mission

    The Department of Mathematics is committed to provide effective and innovative graduates and undergraduate education to Mathematics students, Computer Science students and statistics students in order to prepare them to succeed in their further studies and careers, to produce high-level human power and enhance capacity building through retraining, in order to meet the needs and challenges of the nation and to establish and foster national and international integration and development.

    Our Values

    Values are regarded as inbuilt ideas, shared practices, perceptions and outlook.
    The values for our Department are;
    1. Quality Academic and Research Programmes and facilities based on NUC requirement.
    2. Cosmopolitan Staff and Student Composition.
    3. Reputation for Departmental Discipline and Harmony
    4. Quality of Learning and Research.
    5. Quality and Variety of Learning and Research Facilities.
    6. Dynamic and Interactive Leadership for the Department.